Sunday, September 20, 2015

Speak to Me of Debates and Elections

Somebody asked me how I planned to vote. Being one who totally believes in free and fair elections where the best candidate wins, I am clearly planning to vote however the Bilderbergers tell me to vote, something they will obviously program me to do through the little alien implant in my head. Trust me, I’m very compliant. The last thing I want to do is go back the Bohemian Grove.

On the other hand it’s probably more cost-effective to just gaslight me through TV, social media, pharmaceuticals, and assorted brainwashing tactics. A bit like Pavlov’s dog, I will salivate according to my conditioning and enthusiastically seek the feelz-good. I just wish our alien lizard overlords would learn more rewards, less punishments. It’s a far more effective tactic. Just pet me…..or send me 500 bucks. Those who will not be beholden to special interests, speak for yourselves. Personally, I could really use the cash.

Allow me to give a special shout out to Donald Trump here, his rhetorical trickery and mastery of the biological bliss hits, is pretty impressive. Also something I predicted would happen a few years back. People are starved for justice, for the opportunity to kick a little behind. As much as we dislike bullies, we all want to be one. Or at least standing behind one. Trump’s play on male and female psychology is phenomenal. No wonder he is so rich.  I don’t particularly like him, but I have been compelled to laugh out loud a few times when I caught him playing off people’s biology. Very slick. Very effective. Men especially, are going to be mesmerized. They like bad boys, too.

It’s not just Diebold that delivers…

I did not watch the debates, although I over heard parts of it and eavesdropped on several discussions. If I were given a choice in this election, I would lean towards Ben Carson. Inspire, revive, restore, just beautiful. My jaded eyes don’t believe he stands a chance, however. On the other hand, this time last year I was somewhat convinced we wouldn’t even make it to the next election, so I have been known to be wrong.  Of course, we aren’t there yet….

Were I live in Liberal Utopia, Bernie Sanders is all the rage. He very cleverly plays to those who believe only they are smart, caring, and compassionate enough to know what’s best for all people. Also, they are engaged in a war against the establishment, against the man, against, against…..well, they are all rebels without a clue. Occupy Something…..we are the 99%! What do we want?? We don’t know, but we want it NOW.

I had an interesting almost-conversation with a bernie-dine who informed me that people who were calling Bernie a socialist were all just racists. I tried to say, “I think he really is a socialist and a white guy too, isn’t he?” He just shook his head in disgust and said, “This is what we’re up against, people trying to call him a Nazi.”

I just smiled politely. It’s nearly impossible to talk to people who’s alien implant is obviously shorting out. Somebody should call the Bilderbergers and report a defective unit.

Actually, if anybody knows the Men in Black, would you send them my way?  I could really use a few zaps from that blinky thing about now.
men in black

Sex Robots, Planned Obsolescence, and Harsh Truths

The usual suspects have spent the past week quite enamored with the idea of sex robots, and blogged about it most favorably. Tomassi has written about the “Planned Obsolescence” of women. What can I say, it’s a Brave New World and Stepford Wives R Us.

It’s somewhat amusing that none of these intellectual powerhouses have considered the fact that sex robots, rather than replacing women, could actually serve to replace men. Pride has a way of rendering one unable to see the forest for all the trees. Or perhaps they view their sex robots as some kind of consolation prize for the way men have been slowly written out of the biological equation, as we rapidly work to replace men and marriage with the protection and provision of the State.

I have a rather dark and cynical take on all this, almost bittersweet in its painful awareness of the truth. I don’t fear the obsolescence of women, obsolescence has been our state of being since the dawn of time. Girls are born into the world struggling for relevance, a world dominated by men. Heck, girls are born into the world struggling just to survive. Some of us don’t even make it to being born, sex selection tends to heavily favor males.

Tomassi says, Women tend to conflate their personal, intrinsic value with their sexual market value.” Women do no such thing, men do that to us, men, and women who are the keepers of culture, those mothers who enforce female genital mutilation and Chinese foot binding, practices all through history designed to increase the sexual market value of girls.

Ask those 8 yr old girls turning tricks for American tourists in Thailand about their intrinsic worth and value as women. Ask a rape victim. Ask a child sexual abuse survivor about her intrinsic worth and value in the world of men. Ask all those club girls and dancers, prostitutes and trafficked kids. Heck, watch a catty young girl try to disqualify and discredit another woman. 99% of the time it’s going to involve demeaning her sexual worth and value.

The average age a girl learns what her intrinsic worth and value really is? 12 yrs old. By the time she is 12 yrs old she will have already learned every derogatory term designed to sexually shame women and remind us where our worth and value truly lies. She doesn’t need all those shaming words however, a few years of TV advertising has already taught her that women are nothing more than sexual commodities designed to sell products.

Miley Cyrus didn’t ride a wrecking ball and dance half-naked with teddy bears because people value her for her musical ability. In fact, a woman who can find popularity within the culture based on her musical abilities rather than her willingness  to parade across the stage half-naked, is a rare woman indeed.

Obsolescenceis the state of being which occurs when an object, service, or practice is no longer wanted even though it may still be in good working order.”

Girls are born into the world struggling for relevance, fighting obsolescence, using every skill we have to avoid being perceived as nothing more than an object, a service, a practice, a commodity. Why is it so critical that we seek the favor of men, attempt to convince them we are full human beings, rather than flat two-dimensional sex objects? Because an object can be perceived as having no human worth and value, just a bit of collateral damage one needn’t feel any moral compunction about using and simply throwing away. Or leaving somewhere in a shallow grave….

Where do women learn what their personal, intrinsic value is really all about? From men! Women conflate nothing, women learn to perceive ourselves the way others have perceived us. Symbiosis. Karma, perfect justice. Who teaches us to perceive men as the enemy and to avail ourselves of whatever weapons we can use to defend ourselves?

Not all men are like this however, there are many fathers, husbands, brothers, who perceive girls and women as actual human beings, half the human race having intrinsic worth and value that goes way beyond our sexuality. I am blessed to have been surrounded by these kinds of men for so long, that I’ve nearly forgotten that the other kind even exists.

Orcs, I call them orcs. I do not fear the takeover of the sex robots, I embrace it. Any man like Dalrock who attempts to debate the moral hazards of exploiting a sex robot, a moral conundrum he has never even bothered to ask when it comes to an actual living, breathing, feeling woman, simply does not belong in the world of human relationships.

To achieve obsolescence in the eyes of such men would be a blessing for women and girls indeed. Bring on the robots.