Friday, May 29, 2015

Moby and the White Whale

A Moby is like a false flag, a kind of troll that tries to make you look bad politically, ideologically. They do what they can to shape the narrative by exaggerating your position and making you look like a nutcase leading a bunch of nutcases.

In the political world at large many of us have long suspected that the Westboro Baptist church is a moby. In truth they are way too heavily funded, supported and protected by the system at large, and provided massive amounts of free publicity. Why? In truth they are comprised on one small, dysfunctional, cult like family. They are not an actual “church.” They don’t have hundreds of members, they are simply one tiny family, formerly headed by Fred Phelps.

Just the amount of abuse that Fred Phelps heaped on his family, that was actually reported to the authorities is staggering, and yet the system has never once intervened. Until his death he remained one of the most protected and defended serial abusers of all time. We live in a world where people have their children taken from them for allowing them to walk to the store alone, for homeschooling, for taking away their cell phones. People have been arrested for throwing a piece of fruit or spitting and yet Phelps spent his entire life like a piece of teflon. Protected, because he serves the narrative so well, nobody wanted to touch him.

To this day, Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist church serve as a convenient stereotype of all Christians and the rabid right-wing, conservatives, republicans, scary people. I have four mentions of Westboro in my FB newsfeed from just this morning. Most people do not know the truth about them and do not care, they are now simply a handy ideological tool that can be shrunk into a 144 characters or less.

It’s how you engage in social engineering. It’s how you control the narrative, how you shape public opinion and mold the culture. It’s actually kind of chilling how easily we can be led to hold certain false perceptions. It’s a form of brainwashing, playing on your emotions, slipping in under your radar, giving you the impression that something is true when it isn’t. Gaming people.

A moby is like a false flag, a diversion designed to distract your attention and present an exaggerated perception of the perceived enemy. You pretend you’re one of them and then make outlandish claims so everybody gets a distorted perception of the group. It’s been going on the internet for decades. People actually impersonate Christians, conservatives, men’s rights activists, red pills, liberals, men, women, minorities, white supremacists, you name it.

One of the problems with the internet is that you never really know who you’re talking to and people hiding in anonymity can impersonate anybody they want. You have to learn to discern and you won’t always get it right. That is another reason I attach my real name to my email and link to my blog and try to make sure I have established I am a real person as best I can. Some do not have this luxury, I understand that and there are many good arguments for anonymity.

Just to really complicate matters, some people play divide and conquer games, so a troll, a moby, becomes anybody you wish to try to discredit. I don’t like the truth you’re speaking, so you’re a troll. Then you tell everyone somebody is a troll and you’ve shut down all lines of communication.

I have been labeled a troll and a moby so many times it’s almost funny. Oh yes, and banned from half a dozen blogs and accused of being a stalker. I like the stalker one, makes me feel very powerful and intimidating. I like to imagine myself as Kathy Bates breaking someone’s ankles. Puh-lease, give me a break. You also know you’ve hit the big time when people accuse you of trolling your very own blog. Say what??

The truth of the matter is that technology and politics is leading us to be more distrustful of each other, to be more suspicious almost to the point of paranoia and irrationality. Everyone is perceived as being out to deceive someone and to play games. Some are, that is also the truth.

The fact that some people are full of guile and that we are being blatantly socially engineered on the internet and within politics at large is depressing as all heck because you really cannot fight back. People don’t care about the truth, they care about having their ideology and perceptions validated. It takes on almost an addictive quality. Naturally everybody also believes they possess the “truth.” That is also a very seductive and addictive notion. Makes you feel extra special.

I’m not paranoid, I’m actually quite rationally convinced we really are just too stupid to govern ourselves. I have absolutely no hope for the future of our politics. I’ll be in my secret underground bunker stocking the spam.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Red Pill Epiphanies

I’ve written about the manosphere several times, and frequently the red pills. Red Pills are a subset of the manosphere, this group of men and a tiny handful of women who use a lot of Matrix terminology to support a kind of cult like mentality that revolves around masculinity, generally male superiority in all things. I’ve written rather hysterically about some of the “Christian” red pills when it has become obvious to me that some have strayed so far from scripture as to send me into a full-blown anxiety attack. These are not small theological quibbles, but rather huge and unmistakably problematic themes like we don’t believe in love, Christ, several books in the bible, or women in general. From there we progress to “pour your hatred over them all..”

Not all mind you, I do not paint all so-called red pills with the same brush, but many of them.
So Roosh, one of the foundational forces of red pill ideology has apparently become a victim of the very cult like mentality he helped to create. He has now been kicked out of the middle school mean girls club, the red pill cult. That’s some comedic or perhaps karmedic justice right there.

My bad for laughing at the poor guy’s human foibles, foibles we all share, but you have to remember this guy has spent a decade trying to teach men game, pick up artistry, how to treat women as two-dimensional sexual beings unworthy of any respect. Also, he’s been pretty down on marriage and spirituality.

For those who don’t know, Roosh was on Dr Oz not long ago, has a strong internet presence, has written books, gives lectures etc. These are not small time bloggers I speak of, but rather people with a large following.

So Roosh appears to have had an epiphany of sorts. He has come out against the entire red pill ideology and decided to reject it completely and create this new thing called “neomasculinity.”
Okay, all mocking aside, I nearly cried when he wrote this, “Once a man has gotten his fill of casual sex, and is looking for deeper meaning in his relationships or satisfaction with life, the red pill has few answers..”

Dang Roosh, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell so many of you all along!! One cannot simply pour women into the abyss of one’s soul. As entertaining as that may appear to be, eventually there is nothing but emptiness to be found there.

Dare I hope?

He goes on to say, “There is no denying that game works, but it can’t exist in isolation without a complementary ideology that gives men life guidance besides just sex…..


(and)… for one can easily see the folly of elevating the value of men while not doing the same for women..”

Dang, you make my heart sing, Roosh. Let’s take it a step farther, shall we? One cannot elevate one’s own self by repeatedly trying to tear down women. That becomes nothing but a race to the bottom.
In his comment section he goes on to speak of some issues with evolution and evo/psych theories. Like hypergamy perhaps?? Well knock me over with a feather, you don’t say??

So neomasculinity it is. From all appearances it seems as if someone has wisely managed to observe that evo/psych theories are often highly flawed, that not even men can find genuine spiritual fulfillment from endless casual sex, and that there’s a slight possibility that men actually have a higher purpose in the world.

I nearly sprayed my computer screen when I read this comment, “Neomasculinity? It was once called Christianity before it became the feminized Churchianity of today …”

Oh, oh, so, so close! Nevermind the hyperbole about alleged feminized churchianity, you have hit the nail on the head there! Christianity! What you seek is your higher selves, your Creator, fellowship with the other humans. Christ is calling you, the most perfect example of masculinity ever known to walk the face of the Earth. You don’t need red pills, or neomasculinity, you just need to read the darn book. It explains everything! It starts out with two naked people in a garden and ends in wedding. In between those pages are the best (and worst) examples of the character of men and women ever written. The bible is not only a guidebook on how to make your own way in the world, it is a blueprint for civilization.

It is a blueprint for love, too. Love, something so many of the lost boys don’t believe in anymore. That is what breaks my heart. Not just romantic love, but Godly love too, the kind that teaches you that you have genuine worth and value in the world. So much value that you were actually worth dying for.

Worth and value you all so desperately want to also see reflected back to you in a woman’s eyes.

Here is Roosh. I’m compelled to link to him out of respect, but that is not an endorsement. I’d sure welcome him as a brother in Christ, however.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

In praise of white knights

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through the manosphere, hopefully wearing hip waders and goggles, you soon notice the most despised men of all, white knights. It’s a rather perfect closed system, rule #1, never listen to women at all and rule #2, accuse any man showing the least bit of compassion or empathy of white knighting. That’s how you close off both ends of your ideology with that cult like policing that prevents all dissent. Not all, mind you, but enough of them that the message becomes clear, man the torpedoes and shame the white knighters.

It’s really sad to see because the very essence of what it means to be men often involves  honor, a sacrificial nature, the idealism behind what it means to truly protect and serve, the leadership to be found there. Heroes all, and I think you will find shadows of that natural desire in little boys and big boys alike. That is simply biology and psychology at play, and rather than a shameful thing, it is an admirable quality. How can you not love all the men who have sacrificed their very lives for our country, to police our streets, to rescue those trapped in fires?

Than there are the ordinary heroes, those who stop to help you when you are broken down on the side of the road, those who carry groceries for the elderly, those who marry women and sometimes love children that aren’t even theirs. Those who speak gentle words of wisdom and advice, those who teach, those who lead families and serve their communities.

Rather than shameful acts deserving of ridicule and mockery, all those acts of heroism big and small are a beautiful thing, worthy of our respect and honor, our praise. These are the great tales of heroism we used to tell around a campfire, to preserve the legends of those who went before us and to shape the culture to come. Why do so many of us love men? Why, because we realize that they’ll lay down their very lives to protect those they love, their communities, their way of life.

Is is “fair?” No not at all, it’s a rather harsh truth to face, but much of men’s value in the world comes from their very expendability. I don’t like that truth very much, I wish all men to prosper, to live long and fulfilling lives, but it is what it is. It is the world we live in, the circumstances we face. It is both painful and bittersweet to recognize those who have paid the ultimate price to protect us, it leaves you both grieving and yet grateful, sad but keenly aware of the love behind the sacrifice.

Men often white knight women, too, bail us out of all sorts of trouble we manage to get ourselves into. It’s not politically correct to say such things these days, women are all supposed to be strong and independent, needing men like a fish needs a bicycle. It isn’t true however, not really. Don’t get me wrong, women really are strong and able to take care of ourselves, but life is a lot more pleasant with the things men have traditionally provided, plumbers, mechanics, bridges and paved roads. A timely rescue when needed. Women need men rather desperately to survive, not just for their physical skills, but also for their perspective on the world. Men often provide a different set of eyes, another way of seeing things, not always right mind you, but needed and valuable just the same.

In my life I have benefited from hundreds of white knights, all who I remember quite fondly. All together they often make up the oddest collection of strange characters, not quite Prince Charming on his white steed, but far more often some rather flawed and broken men. There was a drunken Santa lying on the pavement once who gave me some great words of wisdom. There was a disabled man with no legs who once told me to “suck it up buttercup,” words I’ve never forgotten because they were so timely. There have been so many who have stopped to help me with car trouble, with life trouble, with attitude trouble. There are men who have bailed me out of circumstances beyond my control and things I have brought down upon my own self.

There are young men right now, often homeless and jobless themselves, who look out for some of the young girls in this town who also roam the streets. I’ve raised four kids here and although they’ve all had a home and parents that loved them, it has been a great comfort to know that even when they are out roaming the streets themselves there have been people looking out for them, mostly young men. White knights that know a mother’s heart.

From a spiritual perspective, this dislike/disgust with white knights concerns me. Christians have the ultimate White Knight to emulate. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.. Christ laid down His very life for us, not because of who we are, but because of who He is. It was a life of service and sacrifice and He rescued us all. That is true love and honor and sacrifice. That is what it means to be a white knight.

Someone told me the church has been feminized, that Christ has been transformed into a savior that only women would seek. I disagree completely, Christ Himself was the most amazing example of what it truly means to be a man. Christ showed us what strength and leadership is really all about. Today there are millions of men who try to walk in those footsteps, who allow Him to heal, teach, and lead them. It is not an easy walk, one might even say it is the most difficult walk of all, but men have an awesome calling there, a huge responsibility. They have the power to show the world who Christ is and what He is all about.

Recently I said that men need women so they can see their own love reflected in our eyes. But women need men so they can see Christ reflected in your eyes. Men have the power to reflect the very Creator of the universe! In His image….! Indeed, that love had the power to change the world and the entire course of human history. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Many choose to cling to wounding and pride instead of walking in the victory we have already been given. I empathize, honestly, these are painful and complex issues and the world has been broken and trust is in short supply, but there is an inheritance of victory there just waiting to be claimed.


Friday, May 15, 2015

"Dear future husband"

I’m laughing here, but this popular song is just all wrong for numerous reasons. Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor. Okay, so it’s just a song, but songs influence culture and this one just begs some commentary.

The very first verse is problematic

Dear future husband,
Here’s a few things
You’ll need to know if you wanna be
My one and only all my life

Right off the bat she’s got expectations, more like demands, and you better hope you figure out how to live up to them. The implication is that if you fail, you won’t be her one and only for life, she’ll dump you like a hot potato.

So many people go into marriage with a list of expectations, demands really, about what they expect from a spouse. This is true of some men too, especially some of those red pills. Not unlike Meghan Trainor, it is all about them, what they’re going to get, how she better act, how she better treat them. It’s charming….NOT, it makes me want to throw up on my shoes.

Trying to place myself in the shoes of Meghan Trainor future husband also made me want to throw up a little, I deserve a break, And don’t forget the flowers…don’t be thinking I’ll be home and baking apple pies, I never learned to cook…After every fight
Just apologize, Even if I was wrong, You know I’m never wrong

Uh yeah, and what does a future husband get out of this deal? The right to experience Meghan’s existence in all her glorious Me-ness? It’s a recipe for disaster. No man can live up to those expectations, nor would you really want him too. She’s going to break her own heart.

Where is my own worth and value in this future equation? Meghan’s song is kind of funny, it implies she thinks highly of herself, but it is really just a laundry list of things she cannot do. Can’t cook, can’t ever be wrong, can’t live with out flowers, can’t live without constant praise.

Somebody gave me really good marriage advice once, don’t ask yourself if a spouse is going to make you happy, ask yourself if you can make them happy. It’s a humbling question, do I have what it takes to be worthy of this other person? Am I capable of making their life better? What am I bringing to the table?

Often we don’t like to think about those things, but that’s also where our power lies. The one thing you can truly control is your own self.

All in good humor here, but Meghan Trainor’s future husband should run for his life. Run Forest, run, and don’t look back.

Amanda Marcotte

It kills me to say this, but Amanda Marcotte, bless her shallow and vain little heart, almost got two things right. I guess even a broken watch can be right twice a day.

Amanda, psuedo-feminist extraordinaire, who is popular for no apparent reason, wrote a piece called 4 Ways Men’s Rights Activists Actually Hurt Men.

First off, she’s almost empathizing with men. That’s a step in the right direction. She has taken the time to actually ponder some of the harm MRA’s are doing to their own selves and other men. She can’t remain in that state for long however, and soon starts speaking about how harmful some of these practices are to women. She’s right there too however, along with some of the good in the manosphere comes the bad, which is the making of some complete jerks who are given the encouragement to live out their revenge fantasies against all of womankind.

Not all mind you, but some. I know this because I’ve been on the receiving end of some of their garbage. Threats of doxing, assorted bullying, the inability to have a civil conversation, vulgar and violent references to assorted lady bits, dehumanizing all women, endless sexual rage, etc, etc. In the back on my mind I’m always thinking, oh gawd, some of these men are actually dating. Like, seeking relationships with actual women. That’s terrifying.

No wonder so many fathers just want to meet potential boyfriends at the door with a shotgun.
Amanda is correct again when she points out that women will encounter these jerks, these PUA’s who perceive women as nothing more than hits to be scored in a video game, and women will proceed to treat all future men accordingly. Yes, women’s experiences with men tend to color their future perceptions of ALL men. So Nice Guy finally comes along and she’ll just treat him like a real yahoo, like the last fool she met. Nice guys aren’t rewarded for their good behavior, they are often perceived through the eyes of every other jerk a woman has ever encountered. Fair, no, but it is what it is. Cause and effect.

Not all women mind you, but many eventually so broken and wounded they become incapable of self reflection. We have an entire ideology built around it called feminism. #allmenbad because all men she herself has ever encountered were. The solipsism of victimhood.

Some MRA’s trot right behind feminist ideology like puppy dogs, creating this odd  parody of feminism with the genders simply reversed. So, #AWALT, all women are like that, man the battle stations and seek our revenge. Retaliate against all future women and make them suffer for your perceived wounds of the past.

I actually prefer love to war, but whatever, people.

You know who pop culture feminists really hurt? Themselves and other women. You know who some MRA’s really hurt? Themselves and other men. It is not healthy to hold on so tightly to pride, to hatred, to bitterness and rage. It is not healthy to perceive yourself as being at war with the other half of the human race. It is not good for you spiritually, physically, or emotionally. It is not healthy to believe there is something to be “won” there. Instead, people just become the monsters they once tried to fight, the justification for the other side of the coin’s entire ideology. You simply confirm the biases of your perceived “enemy” and justify all their hyperbole.

There is another way, literally once called The Way. It really does require us to practice some humility, rather than just showing pride and endless outrage, but there is genuine victory and triumph to be found there. And love! Love for your own self and others. The problem with pride is that it often masks shame and shame will wall you off from love like nothing else can.

If you never learn how to set down that bag of rocks you will never be free.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cyberstalking Theodore Beale???

I am a big fan of free speech and the freedom to write what you want without having to apply a filter of political correctness. Freedom however, does not mean that you are not accountable for your words or that you are entitled to be protected from all criticism.

Do I take full responsibility for my own words? You bet and people are free to call me out on any of them. I’ll either stand by them or change my opinion.

Vox Day, Theodore Beale, who is a sci/fi author, used to write for WND long ago, and likes to promote and advocate outlandish ideas generally related to bigotry and hatred, likes to perceive himself as venetian glass, as a special snowflake entitled to say and do whatever he wants.

He does not respond well to criticism, even the gentlest and most respectful. In fact, he and his so-called Dread Ilk, his roving band of minions, like to attempt to bully and terrorize any opposition they receive. They do this by attempting assorted forms of intimidation, like threatening to dox people, to twitter out their real name, address, phone number, and social security number, therefore encouraging random strangers to harass them. They especially enjoy doing this to women, likely because we are softer targets, and easier to frighten and terrorize.

If you’ve ever been doxxed, it can be rather scary. Random strangers now have your address and phone number, often the names of your children and family members. There are people on the internet who genuinely get off on attempting to terrorize doxxed women for their perceived crimes. It makes them feel powerful and feeds their revenge fantasies.

I have been doxed so many times, I have just rather defiantly doxed my own self. No, I’m simply not going to play that game. I believe it’s wrong to hold privacy over someone’s head. You can’t dox me, I’m already doxed.

I have been on the war path against internet bullying and doxxing for sometime now. I find it to be appalling behavior. Those who dox others believe their hands are clean, since they have only released the private info, not actually acted on it. This is false, the entire purpose of doxxing someone is in the hopes that psycho will come along and terrorize them into silence.

I have attempted to comment directly to Vox Day, but he simply accuses me of being a cyberstalker, uses obscenities, and threatens to call the cops. He has posted my full name and email address on several occasions. Thou shall not speak out against anything written by the so-called Voice of God, apparently.

It’s somewhat ridiculous to have a man bully and threaten you, only to turn around and claim he’s going to have you charged with harassment. This is like calling the cops because you got the wrong sauce with your chicken nuggets at the McDonald’s drive through window. Stuff and nonsense.

I believe we are morally compelled to speak out against things we see that are not right. Many of his so-called followers and fans are so enamored by the idea of Vox Day, I doubt they read half of what he writes.

Those who call themselves Christians and advocate not only some of these hate filled ideas, but also this bullying behavior, should really take a hard look at themselves and what they are doing and endorsing. It’s just not right.

A few of the articles from VD I have criticized:

“I will not be in the least bit surprised if Anders Breivik is one day regarded as a national hero in Norway, much like George Washington and William Tell, two men who also offered murderous resistance to their own governments.”

“In light of the strong correlation between female education and demographic decline, a purely empirical perspective on Malala Yousafzai, the poster girl for global female education, may indicate that the Taliban’s attempt to silence her was perfectly rational and scientifically justifiable.”

“..always punch back twice as hard. The second rule is this: keep punching. Women are particularly susceptible to attacks on their appearance and their sexual behavior, so those are the most effective subjects to target..”

(Regarding sex trafficking) “God abandons the human trash determined to go its own way and leaves it to its inevitable destruction. Man should follow his example.”

Vox Day likes to engage in rhetorical trickery as a way of evading accountability for his own words. In theory he can claim he’s not really saying what he’s saying, because it’s just that most people don’t recognize his so-called superior intelligence. In the case of Malala Yousafzai, by claiming that shooting her in the head was “perfectly rational and scientifically justifiable,” he leaves himself an out. He thinks it’s okay for him to speak these words because he never actually equated “rational and scientific” with “moral.”

Complete Baloney. 80% of the general population is incapable of perceiving the subtleties to be found there and will therefore receive his words as approval and endorsement of violence. VD is intelligent enough to understand this, which is why he does it. He advocates outright hatred and violence while maintaining the illusion of keeping his own hands clean.

This is dangerous and harmful behavior and I’m not going to be silent about it.

As to the assorted threats to report me to the proper authorities, you do that Mr. Beale. I’ll leave this preemptive confession posted on the front of my blog.